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your ballroom days are over...

hey all
i was wondering if anybody had a jimi, jim or jimmy black and white stencil...?
i have an art project to do but none of my stencils are coming out like i hoped.
much help would be appreciated :D
also any ideas for lyrics i could paint in the background of my canvas?
thanks heaps
peace out xx
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sorry,but this community isn't very helpful.
Hey! I was looking for The Doors/Jim Morrison communities because I was looking for communities in general also because I am doing a research project on a historical person whom has been influencial over the years for U.S. History. I think I will end up making two essays though because I cannot pick between Jim Morrison & Andy Warhol. Ya know Andy invented the phrase "superstar" thinking/describing about Jim Morrison that's something I will obviously put on both essays just as a little link between them. Seeing as this post is old I am wondering how did your art project come out?
Oh yeah I forgot to add the reason why I commented on your post well yeah I found it cool/funny on how I found you here in this community because I always see you in groups based on The Strokes.
hehe it is rather coincedental!
oh yeah my art project, well i couldnt find a jim/jimi/jimmy stencil so i just painted nick valensi, and it came out a-ok.
oh and i love your edie icon, shes the shizit.